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“Etiquette means behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential” once said Will Cuppy –and we couldn’t agree more. Good manners are crucial when it comes to making a good impression. It doesn’t matter how well you dress – if you don’t know how to behave properly, it will come across.

So what’s the first step in behaving like a lady? Learn how to sit like one. Believe it or not, but the way you sit will not only affect the way you are perceived, but it will also influence your attitude and demeanor. Chances are, you won’t be seen as classy if you’re slumped down in a chair.

Here are the two only acceptable ways we feel a woman should sit in public.

Crossing the feet at the ankles is the loveliest and most noble way to sit, as long as you don’t let you arches drop. You should aim to have your toes and knees form a straight line. Position your legs at a slight angle, as to avoid looking too boyish. This method does necessitate more delicate inner thigh muscle development though, but it is truly worth it.

The most popular sitting technique for a woman is the European leg cross, which requires placing one knee on top of the other. While this position is perfectly acceptable, do note that it encourages bad posture and could potentially also trigger the formation of spider veins.

Regardless of the sitting position that you choose, it is imperative that you keep your back straighthead up and shoulders down – all the while being relaxed. Avoid looking too tense, as you want to put people at ease, and always keep your hands placed on your thigh. All you need is a bit of practice!

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