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Every business owner must have a growth strategy for moving their business to the next level. What is yours? I remember when I was still trying to grow my brand I use to take part in a lot of runway shows. My focus was to create brand visibility so I wasn’t bothered if the activity was not converting into money. I knew why I was doing it and it did serve its purpose and gave me my expected returns in the long run.

After a while, I stopped doing runway and I focused on exhibitions. I wanted to engage my customers one on one. Exhibitions presented me with the opportunity to attract new customers and make new business contacts. Now when people invite me to runway shows I would choose the exhibition above the runway. What should inform all these decisions is where your customer is and where you plan to gravitate your business towards. Where are your customers? Where do you want to go? How do you want to get there and what is most important to your business growth right now. Block out the distractions.

My current strategy for growth has gone beyond the runway and just attending exhibitions. I am intentionally following my customers and also following the money. I have clarity about how I want to scale my business and where I want to take it to. Are you clear about your next level? Because everyone is dancing on I.g to sell their products does not mean you should also be dancing. Are your type of customers captured by all that. If they are, please keep dancing!😀 Someone is doing something does not mean the strategy is a good fit for your brand. What is your strategy for growth?

Every stage of your business requires a new strategy. You cannot use the strategy you started with five years ago to manage a business that is 5 years old. It won’t work. Learn new skills and study new market trends. Where is the industry you are operating in going? That is where you should be gravitating towards. Don’t just exist for the now. Work hard towards building a formidable brand. It’s a slow but sure process. If you are clear about your strategy you would get there. 27yrs of focus and I am still here! The race is just getting sweeter. What is your strategy for growth?

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