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Continued from our last series, we have the capacity within us to become more than what we presently are. Growth is part of God’s plan for creation. He did not create any of us to be ordinary. He created us as human beings to increase and also use our capacity to grow our environment and sphere of influence. The only barrier to your growth is you. If we do not aspire to continue to evolve and reinvent ourselves we remain on the spot.

Change is the only constant thing and a major route to growth. We must continually desire to change and grow. We must keep looking for new ways and new methods of doing things. Now bringing it home, as you desire to see your business venture grow, you cannot grow your business beyond your personal growth. Personal development is the foundation for growth.

You must continually seek knowledge to evolve from the level you are unto another. Knowledge is power! That is what change is all about.

Desire it, seek it, own it, and apply it.

Then change happens. So unless you change how you are you would always have what you’ve got.
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