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Every time we are asked this question the first thing that comes to our head is money. If I can only get more money my business would do better. Humm! Is this totally true? Sometimes it’s true and sometimes it’s not.

I strongly believe knowledge is more important than power. What is your strategy for growth? Look at your business critically. What do you think you need to put into your business in terms of structure, staffing, and strategy. These are some good stuff that aids business growth.

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You have to create value to capture value! Those of us in manufacturing should stop and think of how to add more value to what we are offering to the market. Those of us in the service business should also stop and think of how to reinvent what we are offering our customers.

Identify what your business actually needs not just to stay relevant but be a hotshot in the market. I had to recruit an I.T guy for my company because I believe at this point it’s one of the things I need to scale. It’s a huge investment but it’s worth it. If you know you can’t manage your business page well, invest in finding a good social media manager.

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Like we always say, it’s money we use to find more money.
Let’s give everything we do our best shot. Always network correctly! Money and information are found within our network. So much to say but just this little gist for us to muse over throughout the week. Take time to observe what is going on in your industry and sector. This helps you to venture in the right direction.

What does your business really need? Take time to answer that.

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