The Speaking Power Of Fashion

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Everyone, regardless of gender, age and status does have what they believe to be their personal style when it comes to being fashionable.

Owning ones personal style is not a bad idea because it shows off our diversity and uniqueness in taste. The only major issue with fashion that needs to be taken cognizance of is the fact that what you wear speaks and says a lot about you. Fashion surely does speak. Your fashion has the power to show if you are self confident, or struggling with low self esteem.

Its powerful enough to show if you have depth or you are shallow. It’s really not about how expensive your attire is. It’s about the brilliance of your thoughts. It has the power to expose who you are and how you think. Anyone could buy an expensive or in expensive cloth, how you wear it and piece it together would still bore down on how your mind works. Your idea of what is fashionable can easily be an indicator of your values.

Your fashion has the ability to show if you are classy or trashy. Most times before you open your mouth what you are wearing has already submitted your C.V. You make fist impressions by what you wear. People base their judgement first by what they can see, so they make their minds up in seconds about who they think you are. Be aware that whatever you are wearing and the way you look has a louder voice than your words.

For instance there is an acceptable perception of how a christian lady should be dressed. If such a lady should appear for an occasion with half of her body exposed, whatever she opens her mouth to say does not really matter. First impression speaks a lot and matters a lot. Your fashion for different occasion should also be thoughtfully considered. It could easily portray you as someone careless or someone who gives attention to details. You cannot show up at a dinner party in a shorts and a canvas.

Always dress properly and appropriately, embracing the fact that dressing the right way would earn you respect, regard and the right attention. If you do not want nonentities attracted to you then dress appropriately. Dress the way you want to be addressed. Your fashion should give a clear perception of who you are. Always give an impression that you are someone who has his or her thoughts well put together.

Let it be obvious you have a full dose of self confidence and you are at peace with your self and comfortable in your own skin. Your fashion speaks! It gives you the power to catch the right attention. Dress with purpose.

Tinu Smith

CEO Datina Designs

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