Ventilate Your Failure! (Part 2)

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Your mind is the greatest battleground to conquer when you have experienced any type of failure or set back. You have to embrace the right mindset to be able to weather the storm. If you are totally defeated in your mind there is no way to move forward. It can be a tough moment but you must have an I can and I will mindset.

Do not live in self-denial. Boldly face your situation and accept you missed a good shot, but not worth killing yourself over. Failure is not your identity! You are not a failure, you just had a setback. Understand failure is part of the growth process. Show me a man who has never failed then i would show you a man that would never have impact and influence or would never attempt anything extraordinary.

Learn from your mistakes! This is the most important part of it all. Do a stock-taking and embrace change. Increase your knowledge base. You cannot solve a problem at the same level you were when you created it. Ever tried, ever failed, no stopping, try again, failed again, keep moving, no stopping till you get it right!

I have failed several times but am not a failure. I have won several times too, so I am a warrior on the move, going somewhere to happen. Life is all mix and match. Enjoy the journey!

Follow me for the concluding part of this piece tomorrow.

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