Ventilate Your Failure! (Part 3)

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I chose to focus on this subject of failure because of the issue of suicide on the rise. Due to the type of society we live in, somebody is always feeling everybody is fine and doing great. But is everybody really fine? Or some have chosen to act their part well, pretending all is ok, while some have learnt and received the grace to weather the storm. Which category do you belong?

Life happens to everybody in different ways. You are not the only one passing through the storm. Learn how to handle your setbacks. Learn how to take responsibility for your choices! Blaming others for whatever you are going through is a sign of immaturity. Don’t pass the buck! We heal faster when we own up.

Dont pretend! Ventilate your pain. In fact, crying may make you feel better than bottling the pain. Go for counseling! Problem shared with the right person is half solved. See failure as a temporary situation. It is not permanent. Don’t make a life long decision out of a temporary situation.

Dont dwell on the past. Keep moving! The only way to avoid mistakes is not to do anything at all. That would be a very ordinary and boring life. Release the need for the approval of others. If you live for the approval of people you would die from their crucification.
The best part of life is to find the right support group. Find the right company. People who would hold your hands and not judge you when the chips are down or make your story the headline. Affirm yourself always.
You are a winner and a survivor.

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